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So in preparation for the Printer's Row Lit Fest (aka giant book fair) which is next weekend I'm finally getting around to cataloging all the books I got at the Humane Society sale. Came away with quite a nice haul for only $2

1) The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy - John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt
2) Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke
3) Four Corners of Night - Craig Holden
4) Fox Evil - Minette Walters
5) The Brethren Inside the Supreme Court - Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong
6) Life Sentences - Laura Lippman
7) Sharp Object - Gillian Flynn
8) State of Denial, Bush at War Part III - Bob Woodward
9) Dating is Murder - Harley Jane Kozak
10) The Bride Wore Blood - Vicky Hunings
11) The Center of Everything - Laura Morairty
12) Pieces of the Heart - Karen White
13) Mistress of the Art of Death - Ariana Franklin
14) A Rip in Heaven - Jeanine Cummins
15) Last Breath - Rachel Lee
16) The Delicate Storm - Giles Blunt
17) Best Laid Plans - Anne White

Also got about 7 children's books for Quinn and Mel's little ones

Of course Border's also provided more books with a clearance sale of buy one get one free
1) Lost in Austen, Create your own Jane Austen Adventure - Emma Campbell Webster (Can't wait to read this one)
2) This Night's Foul Work - Fred Vargas
3) Kitting Under the Influence - Claire LaZebnik
4) Survival in Auschwitz - Primo Levi
5) Indignation - Philip Roth
6) Books - Larry McMurtry
7) What Happened - Scott McClellan

Now I just need more hours in the day so that I can read all these :)
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